[Jzyno Mixtape] Download The Best Of Jzyno Mix

Jzyno, a rising star in Liberian Afrobeats, is making waves with his captivating music and unique style. Jzyno’s multicultural background influences his distinctive sound, resonating with audiences and earning him a dedicated fan base. Jzyno is becoming a force to reckon with, known for his incredible talent, vibrant energy, and captivating performances. Starting his musical journey at an early age, he developed his passion through songwriting and freestyles, drawing inspiration from top music artists. Jzyno’s infectious beats and unique musical style highlight his significant presence in the evolving Afrobeats scene.


  1. Jzyno – Butta My Bread (Sped Up)
  2. Jzyno – Eyes on You
  3. Jzyno – Onana
  4. Jzyno – Angelina
  5. Jzyno – All You Want
  6. Jzyno – Rula
  7. Jzyno – Wocho
  8. Jzyno – Mamie Watta
  9. Jzyno – Ami
  10. Jzyno – Don’t Kill My Vibe
  11. Jzyno – I Like It
  12. Jzyno – I’m Tired
  13. Jzyno – Allowed
  14. Jzyno – Let’s Flex
  15. Jzyno – DuDuKeh
  16. Jzyno – Save Me
  17. Jzyno – Marry You
  18. Jzyno – OLoLo
  19. Jzyno – Different
  20. Jzyno – Slow Mo
  21. Jzyno – Ask (Freestyle)

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Jzyno Ami Mp3 Download

Jzyno Fall Down Inside Song Download

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