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Qing Madi is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and entertainer, is a multi-talented artist reshaping the future of music with her genre-bending fusion of afrobeats, pop, soul, and R&B.  she draws inspiration from Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical arrangements and artistry, aiming to revolutionize the industry with her unique genius. Influenced by hip hop and R&B luminaries, Qing Madi’s music reflects maturity, weaving lyrics of hope, escapism, and interconnectedness. Her single “Why” exemplifies her distinctive, effervescent songcraft, combining melody, rhythmic drive, and inspiration. Carving her own niche with Afro-R&B, she tackles themes like bullying and pursuing life goals. Grounded and relatable, Qing Madi stands out in an era of distant pop stars, prioritizing her community over commercial concerns, all while sharing an “unbelievable story” through her music.


  • Qing Madi – Ole
  • Qing Madi – See Finish
  • Qing Madi – Why
  • Qing Madi – Cover Me
  • Qing Madi – American Love
  • Qing Madi – Vision
  • Qing Madi- Journey
  • Qing Madi – Chargie

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