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Best of TB1 Gospel DJ Mixtape (TB1 Songs Mp3 Mix)

Download the best of TB! gospel songs dj mix mp3 for free. Are you a true christian and looking for a wonderful, soulful praise and worship mix, then you should listen and download some of the best tb1 songs mix we are providing below.

TB1, also known as The Blessed One, is a talented Nigerian gospel artist who has made a name for himself in the industry. Born on March 9th, TB1 is not only a rapper, but also a singer, songwriter, graphic designer, and cinematographer.

TB1’s music has gained popularity on social media, with many of his songs being streamed and downloaded online. His infectious and energetic lyrics are targeted towards youth who seek an alternative in gospel music. TB1’s interest in rap music started at the age of 16 when his older brother, who was also a rapper at the time, influenced him. He began performing gospel rap music at church crusades, conferences, and concerts. However, it wasn’t until he had a life-changing encounter with Jesus on a transit bus at the age of 20 that he shifted his focus from secular rap music to gospel rap.


TB1 – He’s Always There
TB1 – Jybk (Remix) Ft. Prince Micah
TB1 – Overdose
TB1 – You Too Dey Bless Me (You Too Dey Bless Me Remix 2) Ft. Frank Edwards
TB1 Latest Songs
TB1 – Find My Way(Ft. Pst Ruthny & Limoblaze)
TB1 – Katalambano
TB1 – Give Back Ft. Inyene
TB1 – Victory Song Ft. Password
TB1 – I’m Blessed
TB1 – Taking Over
TB1 – You Deserve It All
TB1 – Voice Of The Lord
TB1 – Holy
TB1 New Songs
TB1 – Kea Galalela
TB1 — Voice Of The Lord
TB1 – Overtime(Ft. Prince Micah)
TB1 – Greatness(Ft. Chize)
You Deserve It All By TB1
TB1 – God No Dey Lie Ft. Frank Edwards
TB1 – Who We Are Ft. Frank Edwards
TB1 – Shout Hallelujah
TB1 – Give Me Peace
TB1 – How You Do Ft. Frank Edwards
TB1 – Beautiful Girls And Boys Ft. Frank Edwards
TB1 – The Other Side
TB1 – You Too Dey Bless Me (You Too Dey Bless Me Remix 1) Ft. Frank Edwards
TB1 – Back For The First Time (Feat. Remy Dylan)
TB1 – Untouchable
TB1 – King Of Kings
TB1 – Like A Fire Ft. Cliff M
TB1 – Burning And Shining Ft. Frank Edwards
TB1 – Na So!
TB1 All Songs
TB1 – Jesus You Be King
TB1 – You Too Dey Bless Me Ft. Frank Edwards
Whats Up By TB1
TB1 – Thank You
TB1 – Success
TB1 – I Owe To Jesus
TB1 Find My Way Mp3 Download
TB1 – The Only Power
TB1 – Akorede Ft. Kelly Lyon & Moses Bliss


TB1 Thank You Mp3 Download

TB1 na So Mp3 Download

TB1 You deserve it all mp3 song

TB1 Shout Halellujah mp3 Download

TB1 I’m Blessed Mp3 Download

TB1 give me peace Mp3 download

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