[Assorted Mixtape] Best Of Assorted Old Songs Download

If you have heard the popular kporonge baby song by Assorted, then you need to listen to his full mixtape filled with his best songs, both new and old songs. When you listen to this special mix, you would be glad you did as it.

Assorted, the Nigerian artist, is a renowned singer-songwriter who has made a significant contribution to the music industry in Nigeria. His music is known for its unique blend of different styles, including highlife, afrobeat, and hip hop. Many of his songs are timeless classics that have stood the test of time and remain popular to this day.


  1. Assorted – Omalicha
  2. Assorted Old Songs
  3. Assorted Turn By Turn
  4. Assorted Latest Songs
  5. Best Of Assorted Mix
  6. Assorted – Far Away
  7. Assorted Amaka
  8. Assorted – Baba God
  9. Assorted New Songs
  10. Download Best Of Assorted
  11. Assorted All Songs
  12. Assorted Forever
  13. Assorted – Agape
  14. Assorted Ayogo
  15. Assorted Jelly Beans Songs
  16. Layla And Other Assorted Songs
  17. Assorted – Amaka Ft. Duncan Mighty
  18. Assorted Oyoko Mp3 Download
  19. Assorted Old Songs Download
  20. Best Of Assorted Old Songs Download
  21. Assorted All Songs Download
  22. Assorted Love Songs
  23. Assorted Kporonge Baby Mp3 Download
  24. Ayogo By Assorted
  25. Assorted Songs Mp3 Download
  26. Assorted – Monalisa
  27. Assorted Rock Songs
  28. Assorted Omalicha
  29. Download Assorted Songs
  30. Assorted – Money Ft. Waga G

Assorted Kporonge baby mp3 download

Assorted Monalisa Mp3 Download

Assorted Baba God Mp3 Download

Assorted – Money Ft. Waga G Mp3 Download

Assorted Far Away Mp3 Download

Assorted Omalicha Mp3 Download

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