Ogun State Anthem (Lyrics & Mp3)

ogun State Anthem

Check out Ogun state anthem lyrics and sing along. This is the official national anthem for ogun state. As an indigene, its very important that you know this anthem. Also students of that state should familiarise themselves with this anthem in yoruba. You can also Download Ogun State Anthem Instrumental Mp3 from the video below.


Ise ya, Ise ya
Omo Ogun Ise ya
Eledumare ise ma ya o eee
Ise ya
Eyin omo Ogun e se giri
Ise po fun wa lati se
Omo rere kii s’ase
Omo Ogun kii sole
E bere gberu o
Oluwa mbe fun wa
E tera mose o
Ise ya, Omo Ogun
Ise ya a a


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