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Dj Tobzy Imole Giwa Mixtape [year] Mp3 Download

We bring to you Dj Tobzy Imole Giwa Mixtape 2022 Mp3 Download for free below. This street talented dj has been serving us hot back to back with his dope street mix. if you are looking for beats such as “are you m_d or something, na me get zazoo”, etc then you need to download the below mix.


  • Intro (Feat. Dj Mayorkay)
  • Awon Omo Soke Soke (Mixed Version)
  • Freebeat (Mixed Version)
  • Alot (Mixed Version)
  • Kenya Loud (Mixed Version)
  • Isunu Obo (Mixed Version)
  • Duro Na Nigga (Mixed Version)
  • Freebeats (Mixed Version)
  • 100 Dollar Marun (Mixed Version)
  • Don Blu (Mixed Version) Intro (Feat. Dj Mayorkay)
  • Awon Omo Soke Soke
  • Freebeat
  • Alot
  • Kenya Loud
  • Isunu Obo
  • Duro Na Nigga
  • Freebeats
  • 100 Dollar Marun
  • Don Blu
  • Maforin Payin
  • African Mafia
  • Kalakuta Zazoo
  • Zazu Zeh
  • Omi Colo
  • Baba Alabi
  • Akoi Hookup
  • Alufa Beat
  • Olosho
  • Zazuu Zeh
  • Outro (Mixed Version)
  • Maforin Payin (Mixed Version)
  • African Mafia (Mixed Version)
  • Kalakuta Zazoo (Mixed Version)
  • Zazu Zeh (Mixed Version)
  • Omi Colo (Mixed Version)
  • Baba Alabi (Mixed Version)
  • Akoi Hookup (Mixed Version)
  • Alufa Beat (Mixed Version)
  • Olosho (Mixed Version)
  • Zazuu Zeh (Mixed Version)
  • Outro (Mixed Version)


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