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Busola Oke Mixtape – Best of Busola Oke Songs Dj Mix

Listen and Download the best of Busola Oke songs dj mix. This woman songs were the biggest in the early 2000s. With almost every home in western Nigerian playing her songs. She signs both gospel and soul uplifting songs. She was the one who sang eleyele, asoro ma tashe, etc. Download this free old school yoruba gospel mix mp3 for free.

Busola Oke, also known as the Eleyele artiste, is a renowned female Nigerian gospel artist whose voice has touched the hearts of many across Nigeria and beyond. With a career spanning several decades, Busola Oke has established herself as a prominent figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene.

Born in Ibadan, Nigeria, Busola Oke’s journey in music began at a young age. Her powerful and soul-stirring vocals quickly gained recognition, and she soon became a household name in the gospel music industry. Her stage name, Eleyele, is derived from the Yoruba word for “Pigeon,” symbolizing her ability to soar high with her melodious tunes.

Busola Oke’s music is deeply rooted in her Christian faith, and her songs often carry messages of hope, inspiration, and praise. She has released numerous albums that have resonated with both the young and old, earning her a devoted fan base.


Busola Oke Song List

  1. Busola Oke – Ijo Olomo
  2. Busola Oke – Alabarin
  3. Busola Oke – Ori Gbe Mi Ko’re
  4. Busola Oke – Maa Se Pele
  5. Busola Oke – Fami Mora
  6. Busola Oke – Fi Mi Mona
  7. Busola Oke – Ona’la
  8. Busola Oke – Temil’oluwa
  9. Busola Oke – Aoata Ayeraye
  10. Busola Oke – Ma Fi Won Mi
  11. Busola Oke – Agunwiwe Midope
  12. Busola Oke – Moyege
  13. Busola Oke Asoromatase Full Album Mp3 Download
  14. Asoromatase By Busola Oke Mp3 Download
  15. Busola Oke Olomi Mp3 Download
  16. Busola Oke Asoromatase Audio
  17. Download Best Of Busola Oke
  18. Jigi Mi By Busola Oke
  19. Busola Oke Alabarin Mp3 Download
  20. Busola Oke Ololufe Mp3 Download
  21. Busola Oke – Ayanmo
  22. Busola Oke – Eleyele
  23. Busola Oke – Asoromatase
  24. Busola Oke – Alabarin
  25. Busola Oke – Aseyori
  26. Busola Oke – My Love
  27. Busola Oke – Afefe Ire
  28. Busola Oke – Onala
  29. Busola Oke – Temiloluwa
  30. Busola Oke – Oburo
  31. Busola Oke – Adun Ijo Mimo
  32. Busola Oke – Grateful Heart 1
  33. Busola Oke – Grateful Heart 2
  34. Busola Oke – Emimimo
  35. Busola Oke – Wedding Bells
  36. Busola Oke – ONISOJI


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Download Busola Oke Ololufe Mp3

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