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Best of Prince Gozie Okeke Gospel Songs Mixtape

This is the best of Prince Gozie Okeke songs dj mixtape available for free download. Download this high praise and worship mixtape for free. This download Gozie Okeke songs 2020 is made available to you by DjMix.com.ng. Listen and download Prince Gozie Okeke mp3 songs free online for praise and worship. All his songs can be used by christian gospel choirs. See all his albums and tracklists available. These are his latest songs compilation till the year 2020. He is a christian gospel artiste known all over the world. Get this free ThanksGiving Worship songs dj mixtape by Prince Gozie Okeke. Get this high quality testimonial Nigerian worship mix mp3 below. He is also popularly known for his igbo praise and worship songs. Download prince gozie okeke latest songs and music below.



  1. Jehovah Anam Ekele Gi
  2. Nweke Nweke
  3. Jesus Ga Eduru Anyi (Feat. Princess Njideka Okeke)
  4. A Cry For Mercy
  5. Alotagow Medley
  6. Onye Oma Medley
  7. O Ka-ije Uwa Si Adi, Pt. (Feat. Princess Njideka Okeke)
  8. When The Pearly Gates Are Opened Medley
  9. Ndu Di Na Ile Anya Medley
  10. My Tears Of Joy
  11. He’s Alive
  12. Gozie Okeke Great Anointing Mp3 Download
  13. Prince Gozie Okeke Thanksgiving Worship
  14. Prince Gozie Okeke Alotagow Medley
  15. Amikwo
  16. Nnem Oma, Pt.
  17. Prince Gozie Okeke Battle Is Over, Pt. 1
  18. Gozie Okeke Praise And Worship Songs Mp3
  19. Princess Njideka
  20. Achuzinam Medley
  21. A Cry For Mercy, Pt.
  22. Obu Onye Na Medley
  23. Download Gozie Okeke Praise And Worship Songs
  24. Ndi Ufu Obi Medley
  25. Chineke Nnam
  26. Ministration Hymns
  27. Ministration Hymns
  28. A Cry For Mercy, Pt.
  29. Prince Gozie Okeke Nweke Nweke, Pt. 3
  30. Jesus Nwa N’nma
  31. Nnem Oma, Pt.
  32. Gozie Okeke Latest Songs 2018 Mp3
  33. Download Gozie Okeke Ministration Hymns
  34. What A World (Uwa Di Egwu)
  35. Agam Aturu Ya Mma Mma
  36. Umunta Jerusalem Medley
  37. Prince Gozie Okeke Biography
  38. Abum Nwa Eze By Gozie Okeke Mp3 Download
  39. Gozie Okeke New Song 2019
  40. A Cry For Mercy
  41. Gozie Okeke Songs 2019
  42. What A World (Uwa Di Egwu)
  43. Gozie Nnem Medley
  44. Jesus Nwa N’nma
  45. Enyela Madu Nyem Medley
  46. Hossana Diri Nwa David Medley
  47. Prince Gozie Okeke- Jesus Ga Eduru Anyi Ga
  48. Prince Gozie Okeke Nweke Nweke Pt 3
  49. Ututu Oma Jesus
  50. Reconciliation Praise (New Love) [Feat. Princess Njideka Okeke]
  51. Prince Gozie Okeke Many Many Pt 1
  52. What A World (Uwa Di Egwu)
  53. Nnem Oma, Vol.
  54. Thanksgiving Worship
  55. Prince Gozie Okeke O Ka-ije Uwa Si Adi, Pt. 2
  56. Great Anointing Praise, Vol.
  57. Cry For Mercy
  58. Moutain Of Liberation (Feat. Great King)
  59. Nkume Ndu, Pt.
  60. Doputa M Medley
  61. Igbo Praise
  62. Gozie Okeke Songs 2018 Mp3
  63. Fight My Battle
  64. He’s Alive
  65. Nweke Nweke
  66. Enwere M Good Luck
  67. A New Love Medley
  68. Prince Gozie Okeke Cry For Mercy Mp3 Download
  69. Nnem Oma
  70. Gozie Okeke Songs 2017
  71. Prince Gozie Okeke Achuzinam Medley
  72. Thanksgiving Worship
  73. Soro M Nuria Medley
  74. Ministration Hymns
  75. Prince Gozie Okeke Cry For Mercy Mp3 Download
  76. Prince Gozie Okeke Battle Is Over Pt 1
  77. Worship By Gozie Okeke
  78. Nnem Oma [Amplified]
  79. Nnem Oma
  80. Gozie Okeke He’s Alive Mp3 Download
  81. Nkume Ndu, Pt.
  82. Nweke Nweke
  83. Mountain Of Liberation (Feat. Great King)
  84. Great Anointing Praise, Vol.
  85. Ona Emekasirim Medley


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