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Best Of Patience Ozokwor (Mama G) Songs Mp3 Dj Mix

This is a compilation of the best of Patience Ozokwor Songs Mp3 and music Mixtape. Mama G is a Nigerian actress and artiste who has been featured in a lot of movies in the Nigerian Nollywood entertainment industry. At a time, she ventured into music production and she became an instant hit selling a lot of her music cd copies.

Download all Mama G songs and music and listen to them at your spare time.She sang a lot of popular songs which includes National cake, forget your sorrow, make we jolly, See Me See Trouble, etc.


National Moin Moin Lyrics

That project… That refinery…
I go change am to brewery
We will enjoy as we dey do for olden days
Every Friday go be public holdiday

I will make my people happy
I will make everybody jolly… I will.

Share the National Moi Moi
Divide the National cake

You chop your own I chop my own
My government will not chop alone

This government go import nama
Isiewu go dey cheap
And as for NEPA and their wahala
I go give everybody candle
Make them keep…
Na me be mamaG… Original mamaG

Chief of general… Chief of good life
All the young girls wey neva marry
This administration go dash them wife

Mama G Songs list

  1. It Is Our Stay At Home Song By Mama G
  2. Mama G National Cake Mp3 Download
  3. Mama G Songs Make We Jolly
  4. Mama G We Go Shake Body
  5. Mama G My People How Far
  6. Patience Ozokwor Adaeze
  7. Patience Ozokwor Nothing Do Your Mama G
  8. Mama G See Me See Trouble
  9. Patience Ozokwor Ihe Neme N’uwa
  10. Mama G Isi Ewu Song

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